HCG Drops: An Effective Weight Loss Treatment

Nowadays, there are a lot of crazy and unhealthy diets that many people follow in a desperate attempt to fight overweight and obesity. These diets often lack a scientific support and might be hazardous for those undergoing those regimes. The hCG drops treatment presents itself as a reliable treatment with a scientific background dating back to over 60 years ago.


What are hcg Drops ?

The hCG drops are a hormonal supplement that helps the body to burn fat and gain lean muscle. These drops are meant to be a complement to the medical approach to obesity. The hCG treatment implies a combination of low doses of the hCG drops and a very low-calorie diet. The hCG acronym stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The hCG is a hormone that the body releases naturally during pregnancy, and its synthetic versions are intended to help with infertility and obesity problems.

In 1954, the British endocrinologist Albert Simeons published a paper in which he discovered the link between the treatment with hCG and weight loss. After that, the hCG diet was developed. At first, the hCG was only injectable but later with the development of the hCG drops the treatment is oral now.


Clinical Evidence of the Effectiveness of hCG Drops

There are plenty of studies that review the treatment with hCG and prove its effectiveness. The first study that came out was the one from the creator of the hCG protocol, Albert Simeons in Lancet magazine in the year 1954. Simeons found out that low doses of hCG helped pregnant women in India with very low food intake to maintain their muscle mass.
Dr. Simeons reasoned that hCG made them lose fat instead of lean tissue and thought that this hormone “programmed” the hypothalamus to protect the fetus using the fat as a source of energy, instead of the muscle protein.

After this, he continued his studies in Rome and set the protocols for the obesity treatment. After Dr. Simeon’s bereavement, the hCG diet became very popular and got to be known as the “cura romana”.

A study carried out by WL Asher and HW Harper in 1973 claims that the combination of a 500 calorie diet and hCG showed an evident difference with regards to the diet and placebo group, and it appeared the hCG, besides the more significant weight loss, also decreased hunger feeling.

Another study published in 1897 by Vogt and Belluscio about plastic surgery, obesity and the human chorionic gonadotropin protocol for obesity treatment stated that the hCG method is a complete program for the obesity management. Also, it appears to be an alternative for metabolic problems.

How Does HCG Drops Work For Weight Loss?

In order to achieve the wanted results, you must follow the Dr. Simeone protocol. A 500 calorie diet might sound as something extreme, but there is where the drops get into action. The hCG drops are meant to help you by decreasing hunger during the 500 calorie diet regime. The treatment will also increase your energy levels during the treatment.

The idea is that the diet and the drops act synergically. Usually, in extreme low-calorie dietary regimes, the main problem is the catabolism of the muscle tissue. This happens, when the metabolism is not capable of using the fat as the main source of energy and starts breaking down the muscle protein.

When you lose muscular mass, you are more prone to gain weight. This is why inadequate dieting could have the reverse effect of gaining more weight than the previously lost. The action of the hCG along with a low-calorie diet, high in proteins and low in fats and carbohydrates, forces the body to use fat as a source of energy for longer and prevent the muscular catabolism. The hCG boosts metabolism and quickly turn the fat into available energy for the body. In short, you will feel energic and lose weight rapidly.

How to Use the hCG Drops

It is important to follow the prescription for the hCG drops to work. Like in any medical treatment, if you don’t follow the advice you can have secondary effects. Also, it is important to acquire pharmaceutical level hCG, instead of homeopathic remedies. For this, it is necessary you visit a physician to monitor your diet and for him to prescribe the hCG drops. If you get products without prescription, you put your health at risk with products that are not genuine.

Doctor talking about side effects
Doctor consulting reference literature before prescribing pills. Patient is looking at him and waiting. Concept of modern medicine

The diet is mandatory and if you fail to follow the diet the treatment will not work at all. As it was explained previously, the diet and the drops have a synergic action and if you supply your body with more energy than required, the body will fail to use the excess fat as the main source of energy. The optimal doses of hCG drops range between 125 to 200 IU per day. For accurate dosage, consult your physician.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

The hCG drops and Dr. Simeone’s protocols are very popular among doctors because he set the foundations for this innovative management of overweight, obesity and metabolic problems. Also, it is a safe and effective treatment suitable for almost anyone. The idea of this diet is not to make it permanent, but a good beginning for massive weight loss. After the treatment is complete, the best way to go is to continue the path of a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise, and you could continue to supplement with hCG drops.

Following such a restrictive diet could be a challenge for many people, but the effect of the hCG drops is an adjuvant in the accomplishment of the 500 calories goal. People reports feeling well and energetic and they claim not to experience hunger, which makes easier going through the dietary regime. You must take care of your body because it is the only one you have. If an offer is too good to be true, don’t purchase that product. Make sure to get genuine medical degree hCG drops. Different products than that are a scam and they can be dangerous. HCG drops are proven to be safe, but not all treatments are suitable for everyone, so, make sure to ask your physician if you can undergo this treatment.


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